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Episode 14

Queen Meenakshi’s last desire??? “ Kanda asked Raj as he sat down. He looked very tired but there was a bit of color in the face that had gone pale in the last few hours. Raj looked at Kanda with a dreamy gaze and repeated again.
Queen Meenakshi’s last desire. It is the only way to make Vinoth come to us. Selvan was so much devoted to his mom and I am sure Vinoth carries the same affection so far.
Queen Meenakshi was pregnant when the King went missing and no one knew that except my ancestor Rajarajan. He examined her when she had called him of to treat her acute Morning Sickness. When the King went missing , she searched for some time, then handled the reigns to Marthandan , First cousin of King Ravi Varma and she retired to the hills to lead an ascetic life. No one bothered about her after that.”
Only one bothered about her” Suddenly Rajarajan shouted from his cot. He got up with a sudden surge of energy and almost ran to Raj and chuckled. Raj looked at him with utmost irritation.
Rajarajan continued, “ I was so much concerned about her. I had my men follow her and befriend her and go wherever she goes. I had a hunch that the King will definitely come and meet her and I can catch the King. But no one came. “
“She had so many issues during pregnancy and I was there treating her all the while without actually seeing her. Finally she delivered a healthy baby girl. After the delivery she was fine as a fiddle. She had many miscarriages before that. So it was a surprise that the baby was too healthy. “
“Maybe she was really not healthy and the excitement of seeing the baby made her feel good. She died a couple of days later. When I went to the tribals who looked after her and revealed my identity, they were relieved to see someone from her kingdom. They gave a parchment that contained the Queen’s last wish.”
“Since the tribals couldn’t read, they gave it to me so thankfully and the moment I read it, I knew I could use it to bring the King out from hiding. But he had gone too far to try that.”
Rajarajan looked at both of them as if expecting them to ask for explanation. Kanda looked interested but Raj was just looking desperate. He had just lost his father. The already known story didn’t interest him.
What was written on that? “ Kanda asked hurriedly.
She had written her love for the king and finally she has said no one but the King should perform her last rites. “
I don’t understand” Kanda protested.
She is still waiting as a mummy for the king to return to perform the last rites.” Rajarajan shouted as if in a mock.
A sudden chill passed over Kanda. He could not imagine so much love for a person the Queen had, to wait even after death. He looked at Rajarajan. He too felt so much irritated by the Person’s presence now.
We will use this to make Vinoth come from his hiding. Now that the King is no more, Vinoth should make her soul rest in peace now. “Raj concluded.
There was utter silence in the room now.
Where is she?” Everyone turned to look at the voice.
A tear strained red eyed Vinoth was standing there with knees almost failing to hold him any further. He dropped on the floor. Raj rushed to him. Vinoth immediately got up. He clutched Raj’s shirt and shook him wildly.
Come on tell me. Where is my mom? “He demanded.
Raj looked tensed. “I will take you there now. Also Ravi Varma and Thondaiman’s mortal remains too. They have been found by the archeologist now.
Vinoth appeared aghast.
See now you can make your entire family rest in peace. Who will get such a blessing? “ shouted Rajarajan in glee.
Vinoth turned to him as if a hungry lion is ready to pounce on its prey. “I am just dying to make you mortal so that I can kill you as I had desired for years now.” He thundered.
If you kill me, who will tell you what happened to the baby Meenakshi delivered.” He laughed back.
Your baby sister and her generations” He continued.
Vinoth looked at Raj. “Surely you know what happened to the baby right?”
Raj looked guilty. “He never told us what happened except the location of her mummy. The tribals have mummified her and she is safe. But that’s the only thing I know. “
Vinoth was dumbstruck. The mocking face of Rajarajan was too much to bear.
Your ring will be the price of this valuable information. “ Rajarajan smiled.
It has the properties to reverse the potion of immortality.”
Vinoth threw the ring at Rajarajan with all his might and shouted, “I want the Info now”.
She has gone long back and her generations are carrying forward now. Her current generation is staying in this house right now. “
Vinoth and Raj suddenly looked at Kanda.
Ha ha ha. A poor choice. Her last successor was Sakuntala and she was married to a prominent Doctor Srinivasan. “
Raj slowly turned and looked at the enlarged photo of his mother Sakuntala adorned with a bright sandal garland. She seemed to smile at him now.

It took a moment to digest the fact now. “So I am now the living descendant of Raja Ravi Varma, I suppose.

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Revenge - Recap and Episode 13

The Revenge

Episode 1

King Keshav could not believe his eyes.  He closed his eyes and spent a moment pondering whether he was really awake and opened it to read the message brought by the messenger for the second time.  It was from the commander in chief Thondaiman of his neighboring rival Kingdom .

The message was short and simple - Release our king or prepare for war. He wondered if his army has captured the King on their own and was bursting to tell him.  His army replied the negative.  He was well aware that a war would be inevitable if the king was not returned back to them.  He decided to  reply in the most polite way he knew - 'Though I love to meet you at war I don't know where your king is '.

Thondaiman was training his cavalry when the messenger gave him the reply. He was pretty sure that King Keshav has kidnapped his beloved King , Ravi Varma the Third when he went out hunting.  He was preparing for a war to avenge him.  But the message turned things around.

He ran the stairs to break this news to the minister Vadivelan who was staring at the window aimlessly.  'The King is not even kidnapped then. I fear he is lost. We must get our search parties to start searching again'.

Vadivelan did not reply.  He simply continued staring. Thondaiman came near and shook him only to find him dead. Thondaiman shouted at the guard nearby to find the physician.  The guard ran about and brought the royal Physician Rajarajan along. He examined Vadivelan and declared him dead of a sudden heart attack.

Thondaiman's grief knew no bounds.  The king missing and the minister dead he did not know what to do next.  If not for his grief he would have noted the grudge  smile in Rajarajan's face when he excused himself.

He turned around and was about to excuse Rajarajan out of the room when he noticed the latter pull out a dagger. He shouted 'My will is done. This is the first blood shed' and laughed hysterically before passing the dagger across his chest. 

Episode 2

Vinoth woke up with a start.  Though he had this same dream again and again he could not put his mind to rest.  The man laughing hysterically before taking his own life is not an usual sight to behold.  But he knew he could never forget that.

He looked at the clock.  It showed 5.37. He knew the alarm would wake him up by 6. Not able to decide whether to get up or lie again he tossed around. Then remembering to send some mails before the start of usual work at office he decided to get up. 

He grabbed his laptop and started to draft a couple of mails.  After double checking he sent the mails.  He got up and left his Cosy bed and hit the couch in the living room. He switched on the TV and started surfing the channels.  News channels were flashing news about some hurricane at Indonesia which claimed many lives.  There were disturbing scenes of many people crying and kids corpses everywhere. He couldn't take it at all. 

He got up in a trance and decided to leave for office to improve his mood. He got ready and drove to office. Vinoth was received by Kandasami, the office attendant.  Kandasami was just opening the main door of his floor when Vinoth entered.  He was surprised to see Vinoth that early.  

'Good morning sir. What is the matter? Why are you so early to office ? 'he enquired.  'Nothing special Kanda. Just woke up early.  Thought to complete work fast and leave a bit early today. That's all.  Do you always come at this time to office' . 

'Yes sir.  I always come and keep things ready for you people to start working. Now tell me sir. You wouldn't have had your breakfast . Do you want me to get anything for you'. 

Vinoth just realized how hungry he felt.  He asked him to get a loaf of bread and a small jar of jam. When Kandasami came back he offered to make his sandwich to which Vinoth obliged. 

He was talking and moving his hand frantically with the knife in hand when Vinoth  reached to take a piece of bread. Swish went the knife and slashed Vinoth in the palm.  He shrieked in pain.  Kandasami dropped everything and took Vinoth's hand and pressed it hard to check bleeding.  

Vinoth was protesting against his help.  'Leave it Kanda. I heal fast. It's nothing. '
' Please bear for a minute sir.  I will get the first aid kit'.  Kandasami left for a couple of minutes and came back with a roll of cotton and a bandage.  

'I am telling you.  There is no need for all this.  I heal fast.  The bleeding has stopped' Vinoth protested. 'I will check for myself sir.  Please show me your hand' Kandasami persisted.  He grabbed Vinoth's hand.  

He gasped.  There was absolutely nothing in his hand. A drop of blood or even a scar.  It seemed like the hand had grown new flesh after the wound.  It was as clean as a whistle.  He looked perplexed.  Vinoth looked blank.  He simply said 'I told you. I heal fast.  Don't worry' 

Kandasami was not satisfied.  He looked as if he had been slapped in the face.  He was very much confused.  He had seen the wound just 5 minutes back and now there was nothing. He started to clean the desk.  When he cleared the knife from the table he could see blood on it.  He looked terrified.  He turned to see Vinoth who still looked blank.  

Not knowing what to do he left the room.  'There is no choice left for me now. I don't think I can hold on my secret any longer. I have to fake my death here and leave to some place to start life afresh.' He thought sadly and typed 'Symptoms in sudden heart failure victims'  in Google. 

Episode 3

Thondaiman was completely out of his wits now. He could not keep in pace with the way things were swirling around. Things that happened a couple of months back slowly reeled in his mind.  King Ravi Varma who loved hunting was in one of his trips when he accidentally shot an arrow at Pughazhendi,  son of the chief physician Rajarajan to death. Rajarajan was summoned to the palace.

On seeing Rajarajan,  Ravi Varma ran up to him, grabbed his hands and said 'Please cut off these hands of mine. I have made a terrible mistake. I have ruined your life'. The King could not meet his eyes.  He hung his head in shame and looked upset.

As Rajarajan looked confused, the King continued ' I accidentally shot your son lurking in the bushes thinking him to be a deer.  I am the one who killed your son. Please forgive me'.
It was more than Rajarajan could bear.  He could see things clearly now. His son, his only son could have stayed alive had the King been alert in the trip. He would not have got orphaned had the King been more careful and vigilant.  He burst out in agony.
His lips trembled and limbs shivered. He thundered, 'You do not know the pangs of pain a death could cause. I will make you realize it.  I will make you see the death of each and every one you shall ever love in this world to make you feel the pain I suffered today. '

Present day

After an unexpected encounter with Kandasamy, Vinoth planned to leave the city and go north to start things afresh.  He decided to write his journal first.  It has been his habit to record things in his daily routine in his journal.  Once done he decided to plan things ahead.  Relocating to a new place of the country with a new identity will be an herculean task.  But he was left with no choice.

He could not let his secret out. Not that he minded anymore, he feared his pain may grow exponentially if he is to repeat all he has gone through.  He decided not to linger on his pain further and made his way to the basement.  He always saved his money in a chest.  He knows he cannot invest in anything or in a bank fearing identity issues. Loose cash was always his thing and had helped him so far.

He took out his duffle from the attic and started packing his personals. His ring got caught in the frayed threads of the bag.  He removed it from his finger and slowly removed the threads from the much decorated signet ring of King Ravi Varma the third.  

Episode 4

Doctor Srinivasan looked at the clock with a sigh. It showed 9.30 PM. It's been 4 hours and  30 minutes since he was sitting in the same position. Earlier it didn't seem to matter but with age ticking 65 it started causing severe backache. He turned to his attender and asked how many patients were left . He replied 'Two more sir' . Srinivasan looked relieved. He asked him to show in one first.

He had come in for a hand sprain his wife explained. He gestured the patient to sit in the adjacent chair and gently helped him rest his hand on the armrest and started examining it. He asked ' what's your name sir? ' He replied ' I am Ravi doctor' .

Srinivasan let out a little gasp and slipped the patient's hand. He shrieked in pain. Quickly gathering himself, he mumbled an apology blaming his sweaty hands and gently took his hand again.  He should control himself whenever he hears the name Ravi.  Ravi may not be Ravi anymore and also ironically Ravi won't need a doctor anytime. He smiled sadly.

After examining the patient Ravi's hand, he tied it with a crepe bandage, wrote a couple of medicines , gave instructions to his wife and asked the attender to show the last patient in. 'Finally I can go home in half an hour. Then for a nice hot bath, crispy puri and karma, warm glass of milk, classical songs and a nice sleep. He was dreaming blissfully when Kandasamy walked in with his brother.

Srinivasan gestured them to sit with the usual niceties and asked them his complaint. Kandasamy's brother Munisamy started explaining, 'He claims to have seen something unexplainable at office today doctor. Since coming back home, he looked stunned and confused and was thinking a lot. He got all feverish and complained of a blinding headache. Please give him a good sleeping pill so that he will sleep and let us also sleep doctor. '

Srinivasan laughed and asked Kanda about his pain and started examining him. He wrote some tablets and asked him to take for a couple of days. He then enquired casually ' why don't you share with me the reason for your headache? 'Kanda hesitated a little . Then said sadly ' you will also laugh at me doctor. ' Srinivasan replied ' Try me.  Maybe I can give a satisfactory explanation and you can put your mind to rest. ' Kanda's face showed a little hope and started explaining the thing he witnessed about Vinoth fully.

Srinivasan was all ears. He could hardly believe at last his quest was coming to an end. He could not contain his emotion. He remembered his father's words. 'For generations we have preserved this a secret and have carried on the search with utmost secrecy and dedication.  Handle this with caution. '

As Srinivasan was lost in thoughts, Kanda was convinced the doctor has believed his story.  He looked at him eagerly for a plausible explanation. Srinivasan stared at him for a minute.  Then spoke, ' Kanda what you have witnessed today is a truly paranormal event. I would like to meet this person myself and get things clarified'.
Kandasamy was skeptic. He was sure Vinoth will never accept the truth nor will forgive him for telling on him to this doctor. He voiced his thoughts to Srinivasan.  The doctor thought for a while and said 'You give me this person's phone number and address. I will arrange to meet him accidentally and move on. '  This seemed a good deal to Kanda. He obliged. He browsed his phone and shared Vinoth's number.  He promised to go to the office now and get his address from the records. The doctor asked him to hurry.

As soon as Kanda left to do his bidding , the doctor took his mobile and dialed a number. 'Son, we may have reached an end to our search. I am waiting for the address. Once I get it we will get there immediately. Get ready and make necessary arrangements.' Dr. Raj Srinivasan, who was on the other side of the phone acknowledged his dad and got ready.

He got out of the house and proceeded to lock it.  Remembering something he stepped inside the house and walked to the room filled with ancient medical transcripts and grand pictures and paintings of his ancestors , Rajarajan being first in the line. He smiled at him and said, 'I think your revenge has come only this far then. Nothing good or bad lasts forever.

Episode 5

The clock chimed 11.30 in the nearby tower where Dr. Srinivasan and Dr. Raj Srinivasan lay waiting.  Kandasamy had promised to get them Vinoth's address immediately.  In no mood to wait at the clinic, Srinivasan called his son and started off in their car. They went for an aimless drive in the direction of Vinoth's office and just halted near a clock tower.

Dr. Srinivasan's mind went years back when he had just completed his MBBS.  His father Dr. Purushothaman called him to his clinic.  When he went, he observed that his dad looked grave.

'Sit down Srini. I have something to tell you very important.  It is a messed up family secret. I also need to hand down a very important responsibility to you which I hope atleast will be done in your time.  Our family has been working on this for generations altogether'.

Srinivasan was shocked. All he expected was a bit of career advice.  He listened intently.  'We need to find a person.  A very important person lost in history.  He is not lost but was made to run by our ancestor.  He meant it to be a revenge.  But his successors decided to put it to an end.  We have been searching for this person since then. '

' Our ancestor Rajarajan was a great physician. He was able to cure any ailment during his time.  He was always researching on herbs and plants to find their medicinal value. One such time he was able to get a very rare herb that will cure the skin of any damage and prevents aging.  In short if the herb is made into a proper concoction, the person won't die and also age. He will remain the same for ever.  '

Srinivasan was speechless.  He took a minute to digest the news he heard just now.  'Did he give it to anyone dad? ' he asked.  ' Yes not just to anyone.  To King Ravi Varma the third.,the king whom he was serving as a revenge for him to see death of all his loved ones for the death of his eldest son. We need to find him and use all our resources to make him mortal once again. We have several portraits of the king as our only clue to find him. '

' Dad, your mobile is ringing' . Srinivasan was rudely awakened by Raj from reliving his memories.  He answered the call.  It was Kandasamy.  He had called to convey that he couldn't get Vinoth's address as the details logbook was with the security manager and he couldn't be reached at the moment.

'Let's get back home Raj.  We have waited for a long time.  A single night won't make a difference.  Ravi Varma will be mortal soon'.  Srinivasan told his son and they went back home.

500 kms away in a tiny village with lots of ruins,  Prof. Shanmugam  and his assistant Babu are analyzing their latest find in the ruins - a skeleton and lots of artifacts.  Shanmugam's face was glowing.  His old eyes twinkled. He hugged Babu and exclaimed 'This is a great day for us.  We have just now found the body of King Ravi Varma the third. The lost king in history. ' 

Episode 6

Prof Shanmugam was jumping in joy.  The 65 year archeologist felt complete now.  For almost a decade he was in search of King Ravi Varma who had gone missing in history. Somehow he got smitten by the king and has spent all these years searching for him.

He started to recall  his journey. His expedition was going on well for a couple of years when his sponsor decided to pull the plug. Owing lack of funds he decided to quit when he was approached by Dr. Srinivasan. He was so eager to listen to facts about the king and promised to sponsor them till they find the King. He was true to his words so far.

The Doctor will be proud to hear this,  He thought. He couldn't wait till morning.  He decided to call and break the good news. 'Your mobile is ringing'. This was the second time Raj reminded his father Srinivasan from his dreams.

He hardly answered and said Hello when Shanmugam shouted at the other end. 'we have done it.  King Ravi Varma' s skeletal remains are found now.  Once you come and witness it personally we can disclose it to the world that we have finally found the lost King. '

Srinivasan wondered if he was still dreaming. He signaled Raj to stop the vehicle.' Shanmugam what's happening there? 'His words were almost like a whisper. As Shanmugam explained the excavation proceedings Srinivasan could take it no longer.' Are you sure that's our King? How can you be so certain? '
' Doctor, we have got  all missing artifacts here and  the skeleton dates to exactly the time frame of King Ravi Varma.  Also it carried the staff and sword of the King as described in history. Am pretty sure that's our man.  If you want,  we can perform further tests on him to prove.'

Srini's head was rolling now. He could not understand the turn of events.  If Ravi Varma was there then who is this person who matches his uniqueness.  He told everything to his son. He was equally confused.

'Let's plan now.  You meet the person here tomorrow.  I will go to the excavation site and see whats happening there.  I will try to confirm whose skeleton lays there.' He suggested.

They drove in silence. When they reached their house, their watchman Ramu opened the door and said ' Sir these two came just now. It seems he is in a lot of pain.  Will you be able to treat them now or should I show them out.?
Though tired,  Srinivasan did not want a person to suffer.  He asked them to come in. He showed them to a small consulting room adjacent to the living room of their posh bungalow and switched on the lights.

He turned to face them .  He felt he has seen one of them before very often but could not recollect. He was constantly staring at him that he didn't listen to any of their words.  'Shall I attend them while you go and rest' Raj's  words brought him to senses.

He accepted the offer as he was tired but did not leave the room.  He proceeded to sit in a chair but continued thinking about the person.  It seemed the other guy had been in an accident nearby and this person who was on his way to the bus station saw him and offered to help.

'The wound looks so bad. We may have to stitch you up. 'Raj said after examination. He asked the person to help while he attempted to stitch the patients hand. While doing so,  his ring came in the way and troubled him.  He removed it and placed it on the table.

The patient unable to bear the pain swayed his leg so hard that shook the table. The ring fell on to Srinivasan's leg with a soft thud. He bent down to pick it up.  It seemed very precious with a little engraving. He has seen this somewhere too. He felt something unexplainable. Raj needed a medicine now that was in his room. Srinivasan offered to bring it.

As he proceeded to his room,  he absentmindedly went to the gallery room and saw the potrait of King Ravi Varma that was displayed in a decent resolution. His eyes fell on the hands in the portrait. It was displaying with pride the same ring that was now in the hands of Dr. Srinivasan.

His heart raced. He got an intuition.  He rushed to his room and threw open the cupboard containing the artifacts and portraits related to the search of the King. He clutched whatever portrait he could grasp and threw it in the nearby table and started searching something.

'Aaah' he exclaimed seeing a portrait. 'May I have my ring back? It is not for someone with filthy hands like yours. '  He turned at the voice of the visitor. Srinivasan could not find his voice. He mumbled 'I never thought it was you who suffered. I will do whatever it takes to lessen your pain.'

'I have learnt to live with the pain. This is something to lessen the pain of the earth to carry traitors like you.' He drew the surgical knife he has brought with him straight into Srinivasan's chest.

Episode 7

A loud ambulance siren brought Vinoth back to his senses.  The events that occurred in the day had been very much unexpected and tiring. As he sat in the park bench,  his hand still clutched the surgical knife that slit Dr. Srinivasan. He had thought he got better of his temper but now he realized the fact.  His temper was very much the same.

Some time earlier, Raj rushed Vinoth to get the medicine when his dad Srinivasan did not turn up for a long time. When he tried to locate the doctor in the big house,  he found a door open and peeped in. When he found the picture of Rajarajan there he could not  control his anger. He realized he was standing in the house  of his descendents.

He wanted revenge. He saw that the doctor was in a hurry. He followed him and found that the doctor found his identity. He could take it no more. In a rage he killed the doctor. And ran towards the exit as far as he could and found this off beaten Park to sit and decide what to do next.

When he closed his eyes series of events crossed his mind in a flash. He could see Rajarajan laughing hysterically, King Ravi Varma's elegant pose, and the tears in the monarch's eyes when they met last.

No matter how hard he tried he could never forget any of them. He saw his hand. It was still holding the bloody knife but the fingers missed the kings signet ring. ' I cannot let them have that ring. I will get it back no matter how hard it is'

Dr. Srinivasan's residence.

His father's loud screams brought Raj running. He was completely dumbstruck.  Though he was a doctor and handled patients in pool of blood before this was different. He could almost feel the pain his father had. He did not know what to do.

He rushed to treat his dad.  He carried him with all his strength downstairs to the consultation room where he kept all his medicines. His father was waving at him and wanted to tell something. He could hardly apprehend what he was telling.  As he lay his father on the examination table he clutched Raj's hand tightly and beckoned him to listen.

Raj knelt down to match his father's lips on his ears as Srinivasan whispered ' It is not Ravi Varma.  It is Thondaiman'.  And breathed his last.

Episode 8

King Ravi Varma was visibly upset. He could relate the pain Rajarajan felt on losing his son as he himself has lost all his 3 sons on birth.  The crown prince Selvan is the biological son of Thondaiman and he had adopted him.  Though he loved him dearly he could not help but long for a baby he fathered. The royal astrologer had precldicted a son for him so was waiting anxiously.

He started spending much of his time in the royal temple where he felt peaceful. Thondaiman came to visit him. He was so loyal to the king that he cannot see  him sad for a long time.

He arranged for a pilgrimage which he guessed would lift the kings mood.  He offered to accompany the king. Off went the king with the Queen Meenakshi, Commander in chief Thondaiman and his adopted son Selvan.

On the way they decided to camp for the night.  All arrangements were made and they were discussing about the deity they were going to worship when a soldier announced the coming of Rajarajan to their camp.

King Ravi Varma got perplexed. He did not know how to react.  He asked the soldier to let him in. The teary faced physician entered the tent and he did not have any pleasantries to begin. He came to the point.

'I am sorry by the way I shouted at you.  I wish to get back to my duties.  May I? '

The king was relieved beyond words.  Not only the physician had forgiven him but also wished to continue in his service. This was complete forgiveness.  He was happy.  He said he was more than happy to see him back at the palace.

Rajarajan excused himself and went to the place where the food was being cooked for the royalties.  He went inside and saw a big jar of tomato soup made specially for the king. He knew the king would drink it before every meal. He mixed a powder in it which he hid in a punch in his cummerbund.

He started imagining the consequences and felt insanely happy. He was so mad that he failed to listen the words uttered by King Ravi Varma in a bit loud voice than usual,  'Serve my favorite soup to all of us.  We will start celebrating my peace with my favorite food', to which everyone obliged.

Raj tried all known ways to bring his dad back but failed. He finally gave in.  Tears poured uncontrolled. He could not believe his father is no more.  The servant had called the police.  They arrived and started asking questions.  He could not answer anything properly in grief.

The police decided to leave him alone for now. They waited for the forensic people to arrive. As they sat waiting,  they received a call in the landline. It was Prof . shanmugam.  He was crestfallen on hearing Srinivasan's death.

He left the receiver on the hook and looked at his assistant Babu and said,  'our patron was murdered a while ago. Now how are we supposed to work further without funds'. He looked sadly at the roll of parchments he held which read 'Map to Thondaiman' s grave which holds all my treasure ' in ancient Tamil.  

Episode 9

Vinoth was sitting on a bench panting. He badly wanted to retrieve his treasured ring but he did not know how. He did not have the strength to plan also. He touched his pockets to check if he has any money.

His wallet contained some. He decided to eat first and then work on a plan. He spotted a small restaurant nearby and went there. Little did he knew that Kandhasamy was sitting at an adjacent table in the same restaurant.

Kandhasamy had his own share of thoughts. He got confused on seeing Vinoth's unique healing nature and was wondering on it when the doctor offered to give a plausible explanation. But he couldn't get the doctor to meet Vinoth which left him with a blinding headache.

He decided to eat out and spend some time in the open air. He was about to get up from his table to leave when he saw Vinoth. His face lit up. He wondered what to do next.
He decided to call Dr.Srinivasan.

" The number you are trying to reach is currently not reachable." The same message greeted him on all his trials. He did not know what to do next. He was watching Vinoth helplessly.

Vinoth had eaten enough to retrieve his energy and got up. He reached the counter to pay.
"Sorry sir. We do not accept this 500 rs note anymore. Please give a different note sir."
Vinoth looked as if he was slapped in the face.

He was not prepared for this. He did not know what to do. He did not want the police's attention on this. Kandhasamy saw this at a distance. He thought of helping him.

He went to him. Vinoth's face went even more pale. He paid the bill and both left together in silence. " I wanted to  ask you something. " Kandhasamy started.

"Kandha some things are best if left alone.please don't ask me more. I am forever indebted to you for this meal you got me today. Its good bye for ever now. "  Vinoth spoke in a hurry and ran from the restaurant.

Before Kandhasamy could react, Vinoth fled the scene. Kandhasamy could feel his head ready to burst. He wanted to do something about it. He thought of going to the doctors house and talk to him about it.

He beheld a sight he never expected. Police were swarming the place.  He went to one of them and asked what happened. He came to know of Srinivasan's death. He felt great remorse.

He thought it best to leave the place now and come back after a few days to talk to Srinivasan's son about all this. He just turned to the next lane when he heard voices. He wanted to confirm the route to the main road. He thought of approaching the people when he heard this clear.

" Dr. Srinivasan's murder was ineveitable. He deserved it. Now it seems Kandhasamy may trouble Vinoth. He is interested in exploring things. If it exceeds beyond our control, we may have to kill him too. "

Episode 10

King Ravi Varma and Thondaiman was about to eat when they were interrupted by a soldier announcing the arrival of Kabilan,  the chief of the spy force.  They immediately left the food and went out of have a private chat.

"You know something.  I feel so tired nowadays and not able to concentrate on anything solid. " Meenakshi was telling her 27 year  old adopted Selvan. Though very few years elder to him,  he considered her mother from the bottom of his heart.

" Don't worry about it mother.  Now that Rajarajan has returned to the palace we will ask him to have a look at you.  You will be better in a jiffy. " He replied.

" To tell you the truth I feel pregnant again.  I only hope I don't lose this baby too on birth. "

Selvan went speechless with joy. " Mother if this is true,  I would do anything to keep the baby safe.  Don't worry.  Everything will be alright.  You have your food now.  They may not return soon as Kabilan will have lots to share usually. "

She insisted on him to eat with her and they started with the tomato soup.  When it was poured,  Selvan drank it in a gulp as he felt too hungry and he reached out to pour more in his goblet.

Meenakshi who got up to help him to pour suddenly fainted toppling the table and emptying all the contents on it. Selva dropped his goblet and rushed to help her.

"Selva give me the cycle now.  It's my turn now. "

Vinoth who was lurking in the bushes to avoid Kandasamy heard the voices of two kids in the street playing and turned back suddenly.  How long it may get he can never forget that he was christened Selvan at birth. 

Episode 11

Thondaiman's shrieks and commands were clearly heard by him. He was shouting aloud and asking soldiers to bring a cot to carry him outside. He was giving orders to find what he made him to reach the ultimate decision -  suicide.

He smiled to himself. "Let Thondaiman try his best.He will never live to find out a solution." The pain he experienced while passing the dagger across his chest suddenly started reducing. "Maybe death is too close" He thought.

As he looked down,  he saw the wound in the chest completely healed.  He felt like never before. He felt stronger. He was utterly confused.  He did not stir. He was deep in thoughts. Suddenly it hit him hard.

"But how?" He thought.  "I never drank it. "

This memory felt fresh. After he finished mixing the potion in the Kings soup,  he was about to leave the galley when he felt a fit of cough.  Hearing this the bodyguards of the king and the crown Prince came running and offered him a drink.

Little did he know then that it was the same fateful soup he mixed the potion with.

"I have to do something.  I cannot live like this. "His eyes could not control the tears. It was rolling everywhere from his eyes to his long beard.

" The King. He is the only solution. I have to find him now. "

He blinked back his tears. He saw that there was no one except a couple of soldiers at the entrance of the room. Seizing the opportunity he fled from the palace without alerting a soul.


Kandasamy ran back to Raj's house to tell him what he heard just now.  Maybe the police can get a clue about Srinivasan's murder. Also he felt his life was in danger.  He wanted to get the culprit punished soon.

On reaching,  he was disappointed to see not much of policemen.  Only a couple of them were left behind and they did not seem much important to him. He decided to go to Raj and tell him to contact the chief officers to take immediate action.

There was Noone in the ground floor. He was calling Raj and made his way up the stairs by himself when he heard a big sobbing noise. He peeped in the room from where it was heard.

An old man was sitting on the corner of the bed and was crying his heart out. Kandasamy felt pity. He went to him and touched his shoulder. Suddenly the old man gripped his neck with an extraordinary force and began to choke him.

"who are you.? What are you trying to do here? " The old man began to shout.

" Stop. He is the one who can identify Vinoth. We need him. Don't do anything stupid. "As Raj came in and stopped him,  the old man controlled his fury and sank back on the bed.

Kandasamy lay frozen.  He wanted to run from this place as soon as he can.

" I don't know how many more death should I see.? " The old man was blabbering as he cried.

" It was your fault from the beginning. Now you have taken my father's breath away too.  Be happy with the reward revenge has given youRaj shouted back and threw a vase at the old man.

He had a deep cut and blood started to ooze. Kandasamy felt bad and rushed to the old man. As he turned to the nearest table for a piece of cotton to wipe the wound and returned back, the wound was nowhere to be seen. It had healed back.

Kandasamy shrieked and fell back while Rajarajan continued to sob.

Episode 12

Kandasamy fainted on seeing the old man's wound heal. It was too much for him to bear. It was the second immortal he had witnessed in a day. He could not get a plausible explanation for any of that. When he regained his senses he found he was lying in a bed.

The old man was seated on a chair and watched him intently. Kandasamy raised slowly from the bed. The old man immediately jumped and rushed to him. He was clutching a portrait tightly in his hand. He was shoving it under Kandasamy's eyes and shouted, "Tell me how he looks like now. How has he disguised him after these years."

Kandasamy wanted to badly run from the place.  There was something so haunting about that old man and he feared about him. He could not make any sense on his blabber. He knew he had no choice but to see the portrait and answer the old man.

He took the portrait in his hand. It was a very old one and the person on that looked like a King. He had never seen that person before. He conveyed it to the old man. The old man looked shocked. He called out Raj.  He asked him to show the various images of the King he had photoshopped in his laptop.

He opened an album and asked Kandasamy to identify Vinoth in any of that. Kandasamy's head started to roll.  He has not seen any of that person in the album. He denied seeing any of them. Finally almost dragging,  Rajarajan took Kandasamy to the portrait room.

He took him to the shelves of the portraits and started showing all the portraits to him. He could not bear any of that.  He was getting utterly confused.  He could not see Vinoth or even his resemblance in any of them.

He was planning to somehow get out of Rajarajan's hold and out of the house.  He was planning when he suddenly saw a portrait that resembled Vinoth. He reached for it and took it in his hand. It was the spitting image of Vinoth. He shouted, "This is him."

Rajarajan grabbed the portrait and his eyes sent wide. It was never the king then.  It is Thondaiman. "Raj,"  He shouted "We need to find the Kings grave then".  Raj went mad. He shouted back, "Now that we know it's not the king why on earth do we need to find him now."

"Call Professor Shanmugam immediately and ask him about his progress. I will explain things in a while. " He Ordered Raj and went back to his thoughts. Raj,  though red with fury obliged to end it all.

He went to the other room to talk. Rajarajan was sitting in the rocking chair and rolled to and fro for what it seemed ages when Raj came back." It seems we have come to an end then.  The kings grave, skeletal remains and last possessions are found by Shanmugam. We will start immediately. "

Rajarajan could not believe his ears. When Srinivasan gave the suggestion of funding an archeologist to find the king he was skeptical bit now it had turned out fruitful. As he turned to leave,  he heard Raj say," They found everything except the Signet ring it seems. "

What? " He screamed. A loud thud distracted them. As they rushed to the window all they could see was a bright silhouette image and street light brightly illuminated his ring in the left hand.

who is that? "Raj shouted. The person turned back to reveal a panting tired Vinoth." Selvan stop. Our cure lies in your ring. " Rajarajan shouted and fell on the ground.

Episode 13

The Ring. The Ring. The Ring.’ Rajarajan was blabbering all the while Raj tried to put a shot on him to revive. Raj was so irritated and frustrated that he really wanted to hit the old man badly but remained calm. He was too angry to mourn for his father too. Kanda looked perplexed. He did not know what to do. He simply helped Raj as he asked him to pass on things from the nearby table.

Once everything was done, Raj called his servant and asked for a cup of coffee and seeing Kanda nearby he ordered one more too. When it was served, he politely served it to Kanda and spoke softly, ‘I know how you feel. Please relax. I will tell you what’s happening here. Maybe that will lift a burden from my heart.

Kanda felt relieved. At last he was going to get answers. Maybe that will ease his pain too. All these events are not usual and things were going worse as per his understanding. Even his life is at stake here. ‘Maybe I die or I don’t die. I just want to know why I am being killed.’ He thought.

After finishing his cup of coffee Raj sat on the couch and started gravely,
‘It all happened several generations ago. King Ravi Varma, the third was a great ruler admired and loved by all. His commander in chief was Thondaiman and a very close friend of him. His Minister was Kabilan. His royal Physician was Rajarajan. Ravi Varma had a Queen named Meenakshi. They both tried to have children but couldn’t. Either the Queen had a miscarriage or the child was stillborn. They adopted Selvan, the son of Thondaiman to be the Crown Prince and things were going on fine. One day the King who loved hunting went on his usual hunting trips. He saw something move in the bushes and shot an arrow thinking it to be a deer. But it turned to be Rajarajan’s son. The King had accidentally killed the Physician’s son.

Rajarajan swore to take revenge on the king and he gave something to the King that made him immortal. He cannot die or age. He will remain as such. But it so happened Rajarajan drank some of it accidentally that he also became immortal. The King came to know of it and he went out of his country not informing anyone, unable to face anyone. The King had a signet ring made out of a very rare metal named Rhenum which when melted and made as a potion can change their immortality. So we are searching for the King for a very long time to make both of them mortals again.

Since the King is lost from History too, many Historians are eager to research on him. So we funded an archeologist to get to know the King. This was one of our measure to find him. He called us today to tell that they have found the King. So the King is not immortal then. Maybe someone else drank it. My father thought it was Thondaiman , his close friend who drank the potion by mistake. But it seems that it is not him too. Because the King’s grave contained a map to Thondaiman’s grave. The archeologist went to that grave too. He found many valuable things and manuscripts in the grave along with detailed descriptions of events on what happened.

The King and his adopted son Selvan was on a casual riding trip when they found Selvan could not be injured at all. Not able to know why they went hiding and went to various places to discover what had happened to him. When Thondaiman started searching for them, he found that Rajarajan had done something to make the King immortal. Thondaiman too joined the King and Selvan and fled to various parts to find the cure.

When they couldn’t they framed a plan to Selvan to live certain period at every part of the world to escape questions of immortality and aging. Selvan obliged and went to live as ordered. They both tried to find the cure for it but unfortunately ended up without it. Selvan did not know the Physician too has the same plight and when he saw the Physician’s descendant he grew so angry and killed my father.

But He did not kill your father’ Kanda suddenly said remembering. ‘When I was searching for Vinoth, I heard two voices discuss that your father troubled Vinoth and they had to finish him up. They swore to kill me too if I troubled him. ‘

What???? ‘Said Raj shocked. ‘Now who are these people?

Rajarajan suddenly woke and sat up with a start. ‘We need to immediately find the ring. Please make me mortal. The solution is very near but I am not able to get it. Please help me.’ He started to sob hysterically. Kanda looked at him with a fit of anger now. His idea of revenge backfired and now he too had spent generations looking at the death of all his loved ones. The thought made him shudder. Revenge is not sweet always.

Raj looked expressionless. He has seen Rajarajan break like this for so many times. He waited for his wail to finish. He stared at Rajarajan and asked, ‘Do you know who is defending Vinoth? There seems to be someone who is working with him now. Do you have any idea? Because if we try to find Vinoth, those people may harm us back.’

I don’t care how many people defend him. He has the ring and I want it. Please find him.’ He continued to blabber. Raj gave in. It’s no use talking to Rajarajan. He looked at Kanda and said, ‘We need to find Vinoth quick. He needs to be given the cure he was waiting for generations.

But how??’ Kanda looked confused.

We had thought of using this as a ruse to find the King. We will use it on Vinoth too. ‘ Raj replied

What is that?’ Kanda demanded urgently.

Queen Meenakshi’s last desire. ‘

Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Great Connection

He always returned home very early from office. When the office gets over by 6 he will be seen at home at 6.30. Even during the weekend if he goes out to meet his friends he would come back soon. 

His wife was so happy. Her friends always used to complain of their husbands turning in very late and couldn't spend time with them. She was so proud of the fact that her hubby is always at home to be with her.  She even applauded herself often for taking care of him so well that he chose to be at home always.

Once it so happend,  She wanted to visit her parents so badly that she made all arrangements to visit them with him. When she told him of her plan,  he immediately refused. She couldn't place the reason. She asked,  " Hey I will be there to take care of you and cook your favorite dishes. why do you worry?  "

His reply was,  " I know that. I don't care about the food. Your place doesn't have proper Wi-Fi.  It can never match the speed of our Wi-Fi. Even my friends too doesn't have that great connection. "

She changed the WiFi password the next day.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


'It's the fifth time you called ' , he almost shouted.

'Either that or you are asking me to send voice message so many times. Why are you behaving like this? Don't you how busy I get when I go outside? '

She simply replied,  'Sorry'. 
She looked as if she won't stop this habit of hers.

He was not satisfied with the reply.  ' Atleast tell me why you are doing this. '

'I just want to hear your voice all the time. ' She murdered softly. 

'Don't you think this is bit dramatic? ' He laughed. 

' I don't know about that. But just that I love the sound of your voice so much.  It's like my heartbeat.  It seems to remind me I am alive to be with you all the time.

'Come here , my drama Queen ' was the last sentence of the day before he hugged her close to his heart. 

Promises in Lent - Believe and Have Faith

This is to bring us more closer to God in all our activities. 

We have decided to observe the Lent and have decided to follow Jesus.  But why this nagging doubt at the back of our brain always that will it be possible to have all my prayers answered? Will God come with me in all my endeavours?  Will God be there for me?

Just throw away all the doubts you have.  He is the  God who has promised all Good things for us and forgives us umpteen times with His abundant Grace on all our shortcomings. He still does not forsake us and always call us to Him.  All he ever asks is you need to have faith on Him.

God never says if you believe in me I will get things done for you.  He says if you trust me,  my plans will be done for you which will put you in a much better position than you ever imagined. Just believe in Him and have faith.

He does not make things easy for you.  He did not make things easy for His son Jesus too.  Instead He makes things possible.  That is the biggest promise He always keeps.

A small excerpt from the Bible. 
Luke 1:37 says,
For with God nothing shall be impossible.

It is possible to achieve all the impossibles' with little faith. 

Promises in Lent - Never be jealous

This is a promise to overcome all envy we have on our known and unknown circle.

Dictionary defines Jealousy as feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages. So someone around you has achieved something,  possess something you don't have or have different privileges and advantages that you don't have. 

You know this much. But do you know the complete journey they had been through to be in the position. We will definitely not know the entire picture. The sacrifices they must have done,  the self discipline they must have promised and all other hardships. 

Comparing yourself to that position,  dreaming to achieve it should be followed by a healthy competition and rigorous hard work and not by feeling envy on others.  Moreover we gain nothing out of being jealous. Instead we can use that time to focus and start working on the path of achieving the greater height.

And every step you achieve towards the goal will make you happy and encourage you to go to the next level. Being envious to others will stress you out, make your every step harder to make it to the next level.

Jesus was born to a poor carpenter family though He was the son of God and denied all worldly pleasures.  Did he feel envy on the Royals?  No. He just minded His business.  We have a way of redemption and He became the King of all for doing His duty sincerely.

A small excerpt from the Bible.
 Proverbs 14 : 30 Says,
A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.

Feeling of Envy is just a poison Ivy.  Never tread close to it.

Promises in Lent - Never waste Food

This promise is the serious need of the day.

A portion of the population gorges on gourmet food while the others starve everyday. We cannot bridge this balance but the least we can do is do our part by not wasting food and giving due respect to this basic unit of survival.

Whatever position you may be In or how much ever asset you may hold,  Food is always your basic need to survive in this society. And the food is not easily available too.  It takes labour of dozens of people to put a square meal for a person. Wasting food would mean the hard labour of thousands of people simply being put to waste.

Just imagine you are painting a picture.  You put in a couple of hours work and do it with so much love. Somebody buys it and tears it immediately.  How will you feel?  Though you have been paid,  will you be happy to see it destroyed.

When Jesus fed the Five Thousand with just seven loaves of bread and few fish, the first thing he did after the multitude had been fed is collect the leftovers so that nothing goes waste. As His children we should start following his lead.

A small excerpt from the Bible. Leviticus 19 : 9,10 says
When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap your field right up to its edge, neither shall you gather the gleanings after your harvest. And you shall not strip your vineyard bare, neither shall you gather the fallen grapes of your vineyard. You shall leave them for the poor and for the sojourner. 

If you do not want to have the food or you have in excess, plan to leave it for someone who did not have his meal today than dumping it in the garbage.